Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I can't help it, I defile my child's coloring book.

This post is for the Hess' who baby sat my toddler and found the first coloring book I defiled.  Some people get confused cause the pen drawings look like the coloring book drawings.  Don't be confused. If something looks out of place, it's cause I put it there.

Click on the pictures.  It's better if you can read the page's coloring instructions.
"You won't believe what I found, Ariel."

Poor Pumba

Why would those girls come to Bell's wedding anyway?
They came for Gaston.
The real reason she needed to be home by twelve.

Unidentified floating lights.

You know it's all about the bling.

Jasmine and her frog prince.  Oh wait, wrong fairy tale.

The Original Bonnie and Clyde

It may as well have been a mace.
How many hits to the head with a frying pan can one man really survive?

To all vegetarians an haters of fast food.

Introducing the secret side of Aurora.
What's that behind your back, Auroa?
Oh, nothing you need to worry about Flora.

Home from a good day's hard work.

Prince Philip knows how to win her heart.
Even creepy people have happy endings.


  1. These are hysterical. Trevor and I got a really good kick out of them!

  2. :) SUCH good times! We sure miss you guys! Can't wait to see you soon!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA, these are the kind of demented things I would expect from a pig stealer. I now know how to have fun with my kids things. These are great!