Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Potty Training Kelsey - Stage One

Because it's warm in El Salvador and children can run around naked comfortably, and the apartment has tile floors, we are determined to get Kelsey potty trained.  First we took her to the store and had her pick out her favorite potty chair.  We also bought her panties and let her try them on to see how nice they are.  We explained to her that we don't go pee pee or pooh pooh on the floor, and if she needs to go, sit on the potty chair and go.  We put the potty chair in an obvious central location and off came the diaper.

Day 1:  We tried it in the evening and it was a fail.  The kid went hours without peeing at all.  Finally, it was bedtime, so on went the diaper, at which point she probably happily emptied her bladder.  On the bright side, we know she can hold it.

Day 2:  A huge success!  We started in the morning after breakfast.  I gave her a couple sippys of diluted juice, which she guzzled, and waited for the magic to happen.  She leaked some pee on the floor and we rushed her to the potty chair, where she let a few more drops out.  We congratulated her and let her pick out a sticker.  My mom was bothered by her naked bum sitting on everything, as she didn't want her precious granddaughter's bum to become contaminated, so she put panties on her.  We explained that you don't pee or poop in panties.  A little while later, Kelsey stood in front of me and peed.  She wasn't happy when all the pee ran through her panties, down her legs, and on to the floor.  Put her on the potty, no more pee.  Some time later Kelsey started to complain that she was in pain.  Her pee pee hurt.  We took a look, looked fine, decided she had to pee, put her on the potty chair, out came like a cup of pee.  Big celebration, more stickers.  Couple hours later she leaked a couple of drops of pee on the floor and I told her to hurry and sit on the potty, she did, and out came another big pee.  More stickers.  Before nap time she was letting out stinky gas so I told her to go try to poop on the potty, and, miracle of miracles, she did!  Wow, it's amazing how exciting a little poop in the right places can be.  All in all, we had a very successful morning.


  1. Haha... Oh, so fun! It'll be so great to have her potty trained before this new baby. I've worked with many parents trying to potty train in my career... Fun stuff!? ;) It sounds like you're doing great though! Good luck!

  2. Try the towel potty training method.